Lina Mane– The Founder and Owner of L’MANE is an experienced & passionate designer who is born and raised in Mumbai and later settled down in Dubai. Lina studied fashion designing at the prestigious institutes of Mumbai and Milan.

Her brand L’MANE presents brilliantly fashioned haute couture & Pret a porter dresses made in subtle color combination reflecting golden era of 60’s including innovative design details such as vintage cuts embellished with Swarovski hand bead work, pure fabrics, hand painted and customized prints. In her work, she manages to create a union of magic and femininity while assuring elegant designs and traditionalism with respect to the risks.

Lina always surprises customers with her art of cuts, colors and flowing fabrics which count with an air of eccentricism and constant innovation and has both playful and classical looks.

Brand Essence

L’MANE philosophy behind the label is to offer women unique collection which can be wearable to any occasion. Therefore every design under this brand includes elements which are thoughtfully conceptualized on best of fabrics to create new unique pieces.