People who have been following me and my work, would know that I am a sucker for anything that does not look very generic. I strive on creating atypical images and the same goes for my clothing. I do like wearing the usual denim, tops, dresses as my everyday wear, yes, but I also want to inspire people to look further and beyond. And who doesn’t like to hear these words, ‘I love what you are wearing, unusual, but totally awesome!’

I am picky when it comes to work and regardless the compensation, I do not associate with brands or products I cannot relate to. So, when Dubai based designer brand L’Mane approached me to collaborate with them, one look at their collection and I knew I must have these clothes, for their collection has all that it needs to fetch a space in my wardrobe.

L’Mane’s pieces are heavily influenced from the 60’s, and the clothes are crafted with innovative, customized prints and hand painted designs. The brand has recently come up with their new collection called ‘YOLO’, which as the name suggests, offers a range of chic, vibrant and full of life garments.

Keeping the unconventional and beautiful designs in mind, I have carefully curated 5 different looks, each outfit as I perceived them, hope you like them.

Look 1.

This beautiful bow cropped top and floral printed tulle skirt, reminds me of nothing else but a modern-day princess sitting pretty in her chambers.


The hessian long jacket, combined with quirky prints, gives me the vision of a futuristic world, that is full of art, imagination and creativity.


#girlbossalert. For the bold and ingenious.

If I ever happen to have an office of my own, this is what you would catch me wearing on different days and occasions, styled in as many ways as I can. Who needs an Armani when you own a checkered print pant suit, with a hint of gold for drama and quirky patches and brooch, well HELLOOO!


Does anything scream sultry than a well fitted pencil skirt to you? This golden satin peplum skirt is an all day transformed to an all nighter piece. Wear it with a well fitted white or navy blue blouse to work and pair it later with a gorgeous party top with heavier make-up. As simple and gorgeous as it comes!


And my fifth and final look had to be one of my all time favorites, vintage! Combining, denim with gold to a vintage cut dress? This beauty would have been a dream come true for many women, had it been made in the era of its origin. And the dainty, little Audrey Hepburn brooch? I can sleep with this dress on and catch up on pretty dreams wearing it!

So, if you are looking for distinct clothes and designs, pieces that make you feel beautiful inside-out, than look no further than L’Mane’s one of a kind pret-couture collections.

I hope I did justice to these gorgeous clothes and I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Do leave your precious comments below and thank you for stopping by.



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