Join L’MANE’s eco-steps

Sign up for slow- fashion and sustainable movement. Enjoy fashion and design that benefits the environment and people. L’Mane provides 10% of the proceeds from each purchase you make to support the less fortunate.


We have pledged to prioritize nature by encouraging green living, slow fashion, and performing good deeds. We are innovatively creating a fashionable space in your wardrobes with a more sustainable approach and the least possible footprints. We envision making L’MANE an earth-friendly clothing brand.



“Helping you design a sustainably gorgeous wardrobe”.

We are taking our steps in the eco-friendly conscience by encouraging slow fashion and adopting sustainable practices. We wanted to do our part and drive for a green change by encouraging and initiating a fashionable move toward sustainability..



Fashion is a dynamic industry, and its trends change in the blink of an eye. L’MANE believes in slow fashion and manufactures with respect for the environment, people, and animals. We create intentional and purposeful feminine clothing with high-quality and long-lasting textiles with exclusive designs. Our feminine clothing pieces are curated creatively for versatile styling experiences



We believe in honoring people and their hard work. Our production is limited as we focus on quality more than quantity. We respect our core values of slow fashion, and to ensure this, we come up with only two collections a year.

Moreover, we launch one capsule collection for the occasion of Eid and Ramadan every year. You can either buy the entire capsule or have the option to shop for individual pieces.

At L’MANE, production is channelized as per local requirements and labor laws, i.e., we are committed to the mission of encouraging locally made products. Moreover, the demands of local customers are valued with customized manufacturing. It not only creates employment for local laborers but also encourages ethical production. We ensure that workers are provided with fair wages and equal treatment. We are ready to support and help them flourish.



We are committed to our brand values and environmental responsibilities. Fabrics affect the environment in several ways, so we have decided to contribute the least harm to our mother earth. Our clothes are not only fashionable but sustainable. At L’MANE, we are now focused on using organic, upcycled and biodegradable fashion textiles that are eco-friendly and reduce eco-footprints. They take less water, chemicals, and energy and are easy to recycle. We can even call them “super-fabrics”.

This year we have pledged to make our fashion apparel eco-friendly. We are intensively making sustainable fabric choices to create thoughtful fashion wardrobes with versatile prints and designs. Our dresses and outfits can be worn in several inventive ways, and a unique look can be created by mixing and matching.



We have taken a step towards green living by allowing our customers to rent our clothing pieces rather than buying them since 2020. L’MANE’s comprehensive range of collections is available to rent on My Wardrobe HQ. This initiative lets the customers build their wardrobes according to their needs and create space for the latest fashion in their closets. Now, you do not need piles of clothing to fit in your closet; just rent the one you love and flaunt.


We aim to serve society and care for the planet earth. Every piece sold at L’MANE brings smiles to many faces as we believe in imposing a tax on ourselves as a good deed by donating 10% of our profits to the needy from every piece sold.



We welcome you to bring in our sold clothing pieces and earn 10% discounts on your next purchases. We buy back or repurchase our sold clothing pieces intending to repair and resell or rent them. We believe in recycling rather than pilling them on the planet earth to create an equitable tomorrow.

“A conscious revamp of packaging style for the sustainable tomorrow”.

We take pride in announcing another sustainable step in our business practices. i.e., L’MANE is now trading off its traditional way of packaging in the interest of mother earth. Our brand is pushing towards environmentally and socially responsible deeds by implementing eco-friendly packaging. We are now targeted to deliver your purchase at your doorstep wrapped in recyclable packing material, including labels and courier services.

Shop L’MANE and foster a more fashionable change for sustainability.