Who we are

About L'Mane

The contemporary luxury brand reinventing modern elegance.

A Dubai-based luxury fashion label, L’Mane was launched in 2015, by an artistic mind and designer Lina Mane to give a revamp to the fashion with stylish and ready-to-wear sustainable pieces. Lina has envisioned revitalizing fashion through L’Mane with the traces of sustainability and modern transitions supported by infusing a contemporary spark and elegance into each of her designer pieces. Her vision is encompassed by innating the passion for tailoring eco-fashion with biodegradable fabrics, trendy evolutions and customization. From vintage cuts to printed fabrics, L’Mane clothing pieces stand out for their versatility and best quality and are crafted with thoughtful designs and concepts behind them.

Lina has succeeded in bringing a balanced unification of proficient craftsmanship and the sensibility of versatile ready-to-wear pieces across the fashion universe. With the concept of customization, biodegradable fabrics and creating its own textiles, L’Mane has embarked on its journey of curating exclusive designs to meet the demands of the dynamic fashion world.

Showcasing an understanding of how craftsmanship works, L’Mane is taking small steps towards conscious fashion and inculcating sustainable practices in its every collection. To support “buy less, but better”, it is now renting its clothing pieces through My Wardrobe HQ in London. Moreover, L’Mane is creating its own textiles and even reviving the deadstock textiles into new and recyclable fashion attires. For helping you design a sustainable wardrobe, L’Mane recently partnered with Luiss University to be a part of their curriculum in an effort to give back to society and created awareness to the future generation.

L’Mane isn’t just a fashion brand, but a concept for reinventing modern and conscious style.

About The Designer

L’MANE launch at GIGI Concept Store

Having established the label as a result of her passion for design in 2015, Lina Mane, the designer behind L’Mane, has since been adapting her collection to both the market needs and her design understanding. With design experience in diverse global fashion capitals like Mumbai and Milan, Lina brings her global understanding to her collection.