Sana Khan X L’MANE – Film Conference Delhi

By: lmaneuser

October 17, 2020

SANA KHAN attended and poses for a Film Conference in Delhi wearing our cool and comfortable Denim suit. Denim sets high fashion trends. Sana looked super adorable and cute in our denim suit while attending a film conference. The denim suit has two separate outfit pieces, i.e., a pair of high waist denim shorts and a dual-tone denim blazer. This suit can be styled in different ways by wearing the blazer and shorts separately. The high waist denim shorts will go with any camisole top or crop t-shirts. The denim blazer can be teamed with a pair of joggers or jeans. It can be styled by layering over crop camisole tops, bralettes, or t-shirts. The denim blazer has a beaded feather design on one of the sides which makes it look more chicer and adorable.