About Us

About L'Mane

The contemporary luxury brand reinventing modern elegance.

Launched in 2015, Dubai-based, contemporary luxury label L’Mane was incepted by talented designer Lina Mane as an ode to her vision to create uniquely stunning sustainable ready-to-wear pieces for the modern style connoisseur. This vision was supported by vintage cuts, textured fabrics, and an innate passion to create pieces that stood out for their elegance and visionary conceptualization. Infusing a nonchalant elegance into each one of her pieces, the designer’s eponymous label strives to create thoughtful designs of the highest qualities.

Our Ethos

Although a small and new brand, L’Mane is dedicated to ensuring we make small but steady differences in the way we produce our fashion garments. With each collection, we are making a step towards more sustainability and a stronger ethical practice in what we do.

1. Fabric

Our forthcoming spring/summer 2023 are produced with more eco-friendly fabric. We are concentrating on materials like biodegradable and organic fabrics, which are produced with minimal water use and recycled dyes to cause less environmental harm. We intend to enhance this use of fabric even more as our collections grow.

2. Ethical Practice

At L’Mane we ensure each individual who is involved in the production of our clothing or is working at our factories, We prioritise giving them care, protection and an equitable environment.

3. No Wastage

At L’Mane, we only design prints as per their purpose to avoid any wastage. Furthermore, we upcycle our own products and provide the option to repair, recycle and return for longer use and repurposing items.

With an innate passion for design and developed talent for understanding how craftsmanship works, Lina’s designs at L’Mane are exactly what the fashion world needs.


About The Designer

Having established the label as a result of her passion for design in 2015, Lina Mane, the designer behind L’Mane, has since been adapting her collection to both the market needs and her design understanding. With design experience in diverse global fashion capitals like Mumbai and Milan, Lina brings her global understanding to her collection.